Hello.  I’m Shayne Foley, AKA Efficient Clinician, and welcome to my website.  This is the culmination of my nearly 10 years of work as a Physician Assistant, 40,000+ hours of health and wellness experience and relentless pursuit of “being the change I wish to see.”  With this website and future endeavors, my goal is simple:  Teach and coach fellow clinicians, and other medical professionals, how to cultivate their optimal personal and professional lives.  Simply put, I’m focusing time and energy on healing the healers, because I believe that there is still not enough being done to mitigate our daily stressors and bring joy to our lives.  I also know that happy and healthy clinicians, along with our fellow medical professionals, deliver better patient care and live more enriched personal lives when they themselves find wellness — there is a ripple effect that creates exponential wins.  The potential of affecting this level of positive change keeps me motivated to help my medical brethren.  

To know how I arrived at this place, and why I am optimally positioned to contribute to this cause, here are some highlights about my journey:


  • B.S.  — Applied Exercise Science
  • M.S. — Human Performance (Biomechanics focus)
  • M.S. — Physician Assistant Studies


  • 15+ years of performance coaching and personal training (including Olympic and professional athletes)
  • 10 years of delivering healthcare as a PA-C (and still working full-time)
  • 5+ years teaching at multiple universities
  • Certified Health and Wellness Coach (in progress)


  • Lifestyle design
  • Financial independence
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Community involvement and support
  • Travel

I grew up in Western Massachusetts, and have spent the majority of my life living throughout New England.  I currently reside in Vermont, where the environment and culture organically foster an optimal work-life balance and allow me to practice what I teach.  I live joyfully with my lovely wife and rescue dog.

I’d love to hear from you.  If you’d like to contact me, you can do so via the following ways:


TWITTER:  @E_clinician

INSTAGRAM:  efficientclinician

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