Clinicians that can get themselves to be in “The Good Place” are those that are firing on all cylinders. They have high patient satisfaction scores, have cultivated an optimal work/life balance, feel that they are compensated well, are valued by their employer and are seen as a productive and integral part of the team. But,Continue reading “FINDING “THE GOOD PLACE””

TIME IS 💰: 2021 E/M Changes for Outpatient Services

OBSERVATIONS + TIPS FOR WEEK 1 Apparently there was a sudden interest in this topic, and people found their way to my Blog post to read up, as viewership had a tremendous spike on January 5th. I hope some folks found my post to be helpful. Given that we just finished the first workweek, IContinue reading “TIME IS 💰: 2021 E/M Changes for Outpatient Services”

TIME IS 💰: 2021 E/M Changes for Outpatient Services

Medical Decision Making (MDM) and Time: these are what you need to focus on for Evaluation Management (E/M) coding as of January 1st, 2021. History and physical exam are no longer relevant for determining level of service. BACKGROUND (brief): Healthcare professionals currently request reimbursement for services using specific CPT codes (eg 99212-99215). Current E/M codeContinue reading “TIME IS 💰: 2021 E/M Changes for Outpatient Services”


For those of you that are just starting out in your careers, or will be graduating in 2021 and getting into practice, or even for those in practice looking to make a move professionally (so basically everyone), I’ll offer an unsolicited suggestion: Start a list of all of the actions you have taken that demonstrateContinue reading “🎖ABOVE AND BEYOND🎖”


UPDATE: No surprises, but my organization has said that they haven’t budgeted for this provision, and cannot participate. Given this financial-disaster of a year, I am not surprised whatsoever. But, I hope my post opened some of your eyes to this possibility and that you had the courage to take action to at least inquireContinue reading “LOAN REIMBURSEMENT PROVISION: CARES ACT (UPDATED)”


Disclaimer: I’m not a financial adviser, nor do I play one on the internet, so all contents within this post should be vetted by you to ensure accuracy. Also, remember that PA, in my case, stands for Physician Assistant, not Personal Accountant. Do your homework about your finances — it’ll change your life! $35,000. ThisContinue reading “SETTING FIRE 🔥 TO STUDENT LOANS”

LOUDER THAN WORDS: Frustrations with the glacial pace of bureaucracy

For those of us who work within a health care organization, as opposed to a private practice, we are thrust into a bureaucratic structure when we accept our positions. Within this structure, there are many advantages built in, including opportunities to join task forces and committees to address organizational problems. Although with good intentions onContinue reading “LOUDER THAN WORDS: Frustrations with the glacial pace of bureaucracy”


As I like to say: “Knowledge is power, and also leverage.” So, let’s empower ourselves about concepts and rules that we work within, and then leverage that information to reach our professional and personal goals. If we know the rules of the game that we find ourselves playing, then we can optimize these variables toContinue reading “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER (AND LEVERAGE)”