As those of us working in healthcare know, people don’t just seek medical care between the hours of 9-5. This means that for those of us on the clinical side, hospitals and other healthcare centers need staffing at all hours of the day. It’s often tough to know which is a better fit for yourContinue reading “SHIFT WORK vs. FIXED SCHEDULE: THE GREAT DEBATE”


“AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT” VERSION: Working in medicine, pre-pandemic, felt like treading water: Dynamic, exhausting and with dire consequences of not being able to keep up with demands. Approximately 50% of clinicians were “drowning”, aka burnt out, prior to the pandemic, and we should assume that number has increased with COVID-19. Stressors fromContinue reading “TREADING WATER”

PANDEMIC-FRIED SOUL: My (latest) Burnout Story

“WTF??!!” — This was how my pandemic burnout was manifesting. It seemed like every new email, organization-wide protocol change, “red zone” area, COVID-19 related symptom, or essentially anything outside of my control, had me in a perpetual “WTF” state of mind. I had reached a point of where the reinvigoration of, and “call to duty”Continue reading “PANDEMIC-FRIED SOUL: My (latest) Burnout Story”